Gavi Wine Tour

Tastings in the cellar: an unmissable opportunity to discover the Gavi hills.

On these hills, witnesses to hard work and passion, the soul is refreshed among vineyards and oak woods. The whole Europe passed through them in arms. Centuries of fierce clashes and fruitful encounters. A multi-ethnic melting pot recognizable in dialects, art, food and wine.
There was once a sea here. This is recalled by fossils and shells left as a pledge of love for the separation from these lands of Cortese: a fresh and delicious white wine.
In the mid-19th century, the landing in Genoa was triumphant, welcomed as the king of the table, celebrating the rediscovered union with the scent of the sea that these hills have never forgotten. From that port of ships, swollen with goods and wind, Cortese set off to discover the world.
Today, our cellars with steel barrels are modern cathedrals consecrated to ancient pagan gods and our oenologists are the new priests of mysterious ancient rites.

Regione Piemonte
Regione Piemonte