Gavi Wine Tour

Tastings in the cellar: an unmissable opportunity to discover the Gavi hills.

Gavi hills are the noble part of this land, where Piedmont becomes "Ligurian". Not only vineyards but also woods, meadows and fields where ancient grains, local corn, chickpeas and hazelnuts have returned, all raw materials that ancient stone mills transform into delicate and fragrant flours.
Here the cuisine has ancient flavors and art: once wayfarers, traders and soldiers stopped here; today you can rediscover the tastes of a tradition that has become a lifestyle.
In Gavi, in 1200, in the Raviolo family's inn the stuffed pasta par excellence takes shape, the "ravioli" pasta, now famous all over the world. In 1780 G.B. Traverso patents its "amaretti" made with almonds, egg white and honey.
The "focaccia novese" was born in the ovens where skilled hands spread the flour enriched with olive oil after cooking. It is one of our symbols together with the "farinata", cooked in a wood oven in large copper pans, a delicacy that warms your heart.
At the end of the 19th century in Novi Ligure the pastry chef Manelli prepares "Baci di Dama" dessert in homage to the Queen of Savoy. Then the chocolate: Pernigotti and Novi companies have brought our name in Italy and all over the world.
If you'll come to visit us great master craftsmen will be happy to teach you how to prepare delicious desserts.
Even the "canestrelli" biscuits tell ancient stories of effort and joy: "boiled", the food of carters and mountaineers, "with Gavi white wine", to taste with friends on holidays, "with red wine", to celebrate the end of the work in the countryside and wish together that next year will be better than this.
Our cellars tell all this: here the joy of combining traditional taste and local wine is renewed, and it awakens childhood memories and affections.

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