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The Great Piedmontese white wine from 972 d. C.

The Great Piedmontese white wine from 972 d. C.

"The oldest vineyards in Gavi"
"On 3 June 972 AD Teodolfo, Bishop of Genoa, granted free men Pietro and Andrea vineyards and chestnut groves in the areas of Meirana and Gavi".

Technical precision and a scrupulous eye for tradition are the values that guide the company, which is renowned in international markets for its white and sparkling wines. Tasting in the wonderful garden designed by Pietro Porcinai, an internationally renowned landscape architect.

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Strutture convenzionate in zona
Villa Pallavicini
An amazing farmhouse surrounded by wonderful vineyards.
Nonna Du
The stress disappears at Nonna Du, thanks to the big garden and the beautiful saltwater pool.
La Meirana
Set in the heart of a 100 acre estate among the beautiful vineyards of Gavi hills.
Al Castello
Overlooking the Fort of Gavi stands a beautiful hotel where you can enjoy moments of true relaxation.
Foresteria del Gavi
Una vera e propria "green immersion" per un soggiorno rilassante all'insegna dello sport e del divertimento.
Il Grappolo
A family-run guest house where you can feel pampered like at home.
Locanda San Rocco
Genuine cuisine and warm hospitality in the Gavi hills.
Villa Gavina
A suggestive villa of the early twentieth century with a panoramic view of the Fort of Gavi.
Il Portico
A renovated rural building in Carrosio where respect for the traditional materials has been paramount.
Le Stanze dei Visconti
An unforgettable stay on the border between Liguria and Piedmont.
Il Poggio di Gavi
A family dedicated to the pleasure of hospitality and good wine from our hills.
Casa Meli
An ancient, suggestive villa immersed among the Gavi hills.
Villa la Bollina
A 4-star hotel inside an ancient Liberty villa, where you can relax between luxury and elegance.
Villa Sparina
This 4-stars charming hotel dominates the hills in Monterotondo.
Locanda La Raia
For an unforgettable captivating stay - a real paradise in the Gavi hillsides.
Palazzo Sertorio Suites
A stately palace where Napoleon Bonaparte and his entire court stayed in 1805.
Regione Piemonte
Regione Piemonte