Our story

A over twenty-five years old story to tell the excellence of a territory.

The Terre di Fausto Coppi Tourist Consortium is a consortium of tour operators with operational offices in the province of Alessandria, and is one of the 16 recognized by the Piedmont Region as a "consortium of regional importance" pursuant to Regional Law 14-2016.
It was founded in December 1996 to make known the land where Fausto Coppi, the greatest sports champion of all time, was born and raised. On 2 January 2000, thanks to the Piedmont Region and the partnership with La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Campionissimo's birthplace reopens in Castellania, as a museum of the affections and memories of an extraordinary human and sporting history.
The Consortium participates in tourism and cycle tourism fairs in Milan, Paris, Lugano, Munich, Friedrichshafen and Rimini. Over the years, the needs of tourists have changed, and so has the activity of the Consortium which; from a representative of tour operators at trade fairs, becomes the promoter of a new idea of ​​hospitality in partnership with local stakeholders.
In 2008 the collaboration with the Serravalle Designer Outlet, the first and largest outlet in Italy, began. An innovative project is born, which offers Italian and foreign tourists privileged conditions on hospitality and catering, to inspire them to stay a few more days and discover what beautiful (and good) our hills have to offer.
In 2015, on the occasion of Expo Milano, the ledolciterre concept store opens inside the Serravalle Designer Outlet, first as a temporary store and then as an officla store, created starting from a new idea of ​​tourism: "letting you taste the territory" using local products (wine, chocolate, artisan desserts) as ambassadors of the territory. The results are above expectations: 194,000 visitors in the first six months, 45% foreigners from over 200 countries around the world. And the best thing is that visitors come back to discover the land where our specialties take shape and life.
On 20 September 2017 #THINKSERRAVALLE, an innovative "destination branding" project in collaboration with Serravalle Designer Outlet, the Gavi Wine Consortium and the Libarna Arteventi cultural association, was presented to operators and the press. The target? To tell about travel stories linked to cultural and experiential tourism, and to accompany you to discover the most beautiful and evocative places of this "ancient, strong and gentle" land, located on the border between the rolling hills of Piedmont and the sea of ​​Liguria.
We have combined our knowledge to give you an unforgettable experience: from tasting in the cellar to gourmet dinner, from motorbike tours to relaxing in the spa, we can create personalized travel itineraries and packages. Do not miss the opportunity to be advised and pampered by us.

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