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The Fort and the Village of Gavi

The symbol of an entire territory.

The symbol of an entire territory.

Opening period: January to December
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday - Saturday
Entrance with guided tour every 60 minutes at 8.30, 9.30, 10.30, 11.30 and so on until 16.30 (last entry).
Ticket: full 5 €; reduced € 2.50 (18-25 years); free for under 18.
On the first Sunday of the month: entrance with guided tour every 60 minutes at 9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am and so on until 17.30 (last entry), with free admission.
For groups recommended the booking, without any surcharge on the ticket, to organize the visit.
Possibility of thematic visits, also in English.

Any direction you take, it is impossible not to see it: the Fort, an ancient Genoese fortress on the top of Monte Moro that imperiously dominates the historic center of Gavi.
Certain historical information on the castle dates back to the 12th century: first passed into the hands of Barbarossa, then of his son Enrico who gave it to the Genoese, the Fort was the scene of the clashes between Tortona, Genoa and Alessandria.
In the seventeenth century Vincenzo da Fiorenzuola, a great expert in military architecture, transformed the existing castle into the current mighty fortress, which could house a garrison of 1000 men.
The last battle of which it was the scene dates back to the Napoleonic period, when it became the only French stronghold in Italy not to capitulate to the Austro-Russians before Napoleon's victory at Marengo, on 14 June 1800.
In the second half of the 19th century the fortress was disarmed and became a penal imprisonment, remaining so until 1907.
During the two world wars it was used as a prison camp and, today, it is one of the most evocative places to visit in our territory, with a view that stretches up to the most famous peaks in the area, one above all the Mount Tobbio.

Also don't miss a visit to the historic city center: clearly Ligurian style, with painted buildings and the wise use of block stone in the oldest ones. Among the historic buildings, the Town Hall, where the Consuls and Podestà resided, is worth a visit; the municipal coat of arms (shield with three bands) still exists on the portico, which was also stamped on the three doors of the Borgo: Pedaggio, Borgonuovo and Chiappa.
Here you will also find lots of restaurants and cafes where you can taste the renowned "Gavi wine risotto", local amaretti biscuits, all accompanied by a glass of the prestigious Gavi docg white wine.

Tel. +39 0143 643554
Address: Forte di Gavi, Via al Forte, 14, 15066 Gavi (AL)

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