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Nordelaia Resort & Restaurant

A perfect night's sleep. Exquisite food. Getting in tune with nature: we call it natural relaxation.

double room450,00 €
distance from the outlet37 km (map)
phone0143 038045

A perfect night's sleep. Exquisite food. Getting in tune with nature: we call it natural relaxation.

Nordelaia was born from the desire to offer simple luxury and a strong connection with nature.
Choose one of our beautiful rooms. Ispired by the flora and fauna that surround us, they enhance local craftsmanship and Italian tradition. Some overlook the garden directly, while others offer stunning views from their terrace. In the attic, our apartments offer private spaces to relax.
Here you can enjoy three different culinary experiences: the "L'Orto" restaurant, a refined gastronomic space that offers creative and innovative tasting menus focused on vegetables, fish and seasonal flavours; the "Bistrot", a more informal experience, focused on regional traditions; the "Lounge Bar", an ideal place to enjoy a good aperitif with a drink and small treats.
Wine is also part of the fantastic Nordelaia experience. Our “Calligram” label presents traditional varieties of the region such as Barbera and Dolcetto, but also Pinot Noir, for a tasting capable of involving all the senses.

Finally, the spa, 450m² at your disposal to regenerate yourself with hammam, banja, Kneipp pool, personalized wellness treatments, yoga room and NOHrD equipped gym.

Double room: 450€

Via Piazze, 25 - 15010 Cremolino (AL)

The secrets of grappa
In vino veritas, but also "in grappa", of course.
Picnic in the Monferrato hills
Country-chic atmosphere for a day of fun in the Monferrato hills.
Harvest, lunch and aperitif in the vineyard
Today, as in the past, the harvest is a celebration to be experienced.
Biodiversity lessons
Our aim? To prove that "a different world is possible".
"Ravioli pasta lessons"... walking through the vineyards in Monferrato
To stroll through the Dolcetto and Barbera wines vineyards or to learn all the secrets to prepare the perfect ravioli pasta... which is the best experience for you?
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Nordelaia Resort & Restaurant
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