Piedmont Voucher Regulations

All the useful information to buy and use the "Piedmont Region Voucher".


1 - “Voucher” means the initiative “Riparti Turismo: Voucher Vacanze Regione Piemonte”, which provides for a stay of four consecutive nights: two paid by the customer, one paid by the Piedmont Region through our Tourism Consortium, one offer by the facility.

2 - Operating modes:

- Direct purchase at the hospitality facility - through the website www.thinkserravalle.it, or in any other direct way, the customer contacts the chosen facility; the facility accepts the reservation and asks the customer to confirm it with the payment by advance bank transfer; the customer will receive confirmation of the purchase of the Voucher by email.
- Online purchase of open date vouchers on the Alexala “Monferrato on Tour” website (www.monferratontour.it) - customers can only purchase open date vouchers; once the purchase on the e-commerce platform is completed, customers will have to contact the facility to define the dates of their stay.

3 - Conditions of the "Voucher Room" offer.
  • Stay of 4 consecutive nights.
  • The offer is nominative and cannot be repeated by the same customer on consecutive dates.
  • Each customer cannot purchase more than 2 "Vouchers".
  • The rate is indicated by the hospitality facility, in line with the average annual price.The rate will remain fixed until 30.03.2024.
  • The regional Voucher covers a maximum of € 150.00 per person or € 300.00 per double room.
  • There may be periods or days of non-validity of the promotion that are previously indicated by the hospitality facilities.
  • Reservations will be prepaid by the customer and non-refundable.
  • The Tourist Tax, where applied, remains the responsibility of the guest.
4 - The purchase must be made by 31.03.2024 and the use by 30.06.2024 (unless funds run out).
The offer is addressed and promoted on the national and international market, both individually and for groups.

5 - The hospitality facilities indicate the cost of accommodation, in line with the average annual price, specifying the type and category of room provided and any periods or days excluded from the promotion. Further requests or contingent needs will be agreed between the client and the facility.

6 - "Open date voucher".
If you have not yet chosen the date of your stay or want to make a gift, in agreement with the hospitality facility it is possible to purchase a stay by subsequently defining the period of use (by 30th June 2024).

7 - Conditions of the "Tourist Services Voucher" offer.
  • This is a bonus from the Piedmont Region which offers a 50% discount on tourist experiences and services.
  • This type of Voucher is not bound to the purchase of the "rooms" Voucher and entitles you to a discount on experiential activities such as: cooking classes, tastings, e-bike rentals, local tourist guides, etc.
  • Activities must have a value between € 100.00 and € 300.00 (the value is intended per service and not per person).
  • This Voucher can also be used by small groups (max 15 people) and gives the customer/s the possibility to pay for the service only 50%, the remaining amount is paid by the Piedmont Region.
  • As for the room voucher, the purchase must be made by 31.03.2024 and the use by 30.06.2024.


The "personal data" collected will be processed with both paper and electronic tools and with the adoption of measures to prevent its loss, illicit or unauthorized use. The data will be used for reporting requests for bookings and confirmations of use of overnight stays and tourist services. They will not be disclosed to third parties, except for communication to those who are required to verify the initiative, such as, by way of example and not limited to: Terre di Fausto Coppi Tourist Consortium, Piedmont Region, Finpiemonte as well as others legitimated by law.

The Piedmont Region has commissioned Tourist Consortiums to manage this project, aimed at raising tourism and involving of all the participating hospitality venues operating within the Piedmont Region. "Terre di Fausto Coppi" tourist consortium - through #THINKSERRAVALLE – supports tourism venues in Tortona and Val Curone; Novi Ligure, Serravalle, Gavi, Val Borbera; Ovada and Val d'Orba; Acqui Terme and Val Bormida all within in the province of Alessandria. For further information contact: info@thinkserravalle.it

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